Friday 29 November 2019

The Sinners

The Sinners

Author : Sourabh Mukherjee
Publisher : Sristhi Publishers
Pages : 191
Price : 199/- INR
Format : Paperback
Buy : Amazon India
Rating : 5/5 Stars

Blurb : 
Vikram Oberoi is found dead in his penthouse. A few hours ago, his involvement in a sex scandal in NexGen Technologies made headlines across the world. Who is behind the sinister conspiracy that destroyed Vikram Oberoi, the philandering India Head of NexGen? Rivals within and outside the firm? One of his many jilted lovers or the miffed wife? A mysterious conspirator laying out honey traps to sabotage his plans? Or, is it the ghost of a sinful past that continues to haunt the Oberois? The Sinners is a fast-paced thriller with a shocking twist that unravels against the backdrop of corporate warfare, illicit relationships and ruthless seduction games.
Review :
I read The Sinners over a weekend and for the last 50 or so pages could not put it down. The author creates an immersive, cinematic world, inhabiting a series of characters in a way that feels deeply candid and real. It is excellent thriller but it is the internal monologue of each characters that drew me in the most. The book revolves around Vikram Oberoi  (The Boss).The story revolves around corporate office involving everyone of the office. Author Sourabh Mukherjee has done a great job here. The book is very gripping and writing is flawless. Well  absolutely love the colourfully cover page title of the book is apt to the story and compell you to pick it up. The characters are all wonderful and flawed in various interesting ways. Language of the book is simple and easy to understand. Well written and quick read book. Definitely worth picking up. Highly recommend!

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